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Pet Travel and Safety

We all know how important it is to keep your pets safe on the road.

Booster Seats

Travel Crates

Dog Safety Restraints

  • PetBuckle Travel Harness $59.95
    The Petbuckle travel harness will keep your dog safe while you travel
  • PetBuckle Truck Tether $59.95
    The PetBuckle Truck Tether keeps your dog securely attached and restrained in the back of your truck. The easy-to-use system quickly attaches to the metal loops provided in the bed area of most trucks.
  • PetBuckle Tether $24.95
    The Kwik-Connect Tether features strong 1 web and adjusts with a slide. Attach the Kwik-Connect Tether to vehicle with just a push and click on vehicles LATCH Bar found on all newer vehicles and adjusts with a slide located on the web. (Latch bars fitted in all vehicles since Sept 02.)

    For other vehicles, the Kwik-Connect Tether also comes with an adaptor for slipping through regular seat belt fittings.

    REGULAR: 30-45cm length
    LARGE: 60-90cm length
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