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Dog Behaviour Training

Dog Behavior training in your home. Problems on lead, barking, aggression or any other unwanted behaviors. Article by Maree Hart, a trainer with over 30 + yrs exp, and a positive contributor to Pet Logic over the years.

I am very passionate about the work I do and here is one of the reasons why.

The phone rang, the woman was in a panic. This is the last straw my dog just jumped up on my mother and she fell over and hurt herself. "I called the vet as I had no idea what to do they told me to call you". She said her dog is normally very good (I knew different already) I asked a few questions; does your dog pull on the lead? Yes, but that’s OK – Can you answer your door without a battle? No but we work around that. Does your dog bark at things you don’t want him to? Yes but he is protecting me. I asked her to make a list of all the things she wants from her dog and the behaviors she would rather not have. By the time I got there the list was a lot longer then she first thought it would be. It turned out the dog had nipped a couple of people she said he was just excited. I was really looking forward to the lesson as I knew within 2 to 3 hours there would be a huge difference.

It was a wonderful lesson and she did very well, she was so happy I even got a hug. I told her to keep up with the homework and everything would be OK.  I got an email from her 2 weeks later to say her Mother had come back and said where is that old rat bag dog!!!  Her Mother now felt safe to visit. She emailed with another question that was easily answered as I knew the situation. At the end of the email was the comment “thank you for saving my dogs life we have so much more fun now"

People ask why I have been doing this for so long, the answer is easy….. You get to help people have more fun and a better relationship with their dogs. For me what better way to save dogs lives then teaching people how to understand their dogs? I have a great respect for people in the likes of the SPCA as I am not sure I could do their work. I am lucky as I get to meet wonderful people that just want the best for their dogs.

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